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G4U Security leads in commercial security guard services. If you have been disappointed with the performance of existing security services and still have frequent trespassing, vandalism, break in, theft and any other unwanted activity on your commercial property then we have a cost-effective security solution for you to have complete peace of mind.


We are committed to providing full protection and peace of mind. Our highly Commercial Security Guard Companytrained and professional security team and security services are routinely employed to provide security to hundreds of businesses like, warehouse security, construction security, building security, condo security, apartment security, shopping mall security, retail security, hospital security, security in educational institute, bar security, VIP bodyguard security, oilfield security, industrial security, camp security, event security, night mobile patrol,  you just name it we will have an adequate security plan and tailor our security services.

Here at G4U security services, we are distinguished from the rest of commercial security providers by our highly skilled and passionate security team personnel. We take great pride in devising an adequate security plan to ensure your commercial assets are safe and secure.

Commercial Property

Our security personnel identify any fire hazards as well as to conduct thorough inspections to ensure that all windows, doors, main entrances and exits are secured in such a way that they do not compromise the security of your commercial building.

Building Security

Our security officers carry regular security patrols and inspect the designated commercial building and its surroundings. of your commercial building to ensure the full security of your building and all the expensive equipment stored in the building.

Commercial Property & Building Security Services

Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Fort McMurray

Commercial Security Guard Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto,Vancouver

We here at G4U Security realize, how deleterious it can be to everyday operation and overall business net worth to lose valuable objects, especially due to poor security services in place. This is why we highly encourage you to hire G4U security services to guarantee that you and your commercial assets of any sort are protected with the best in the industry security measures conducted by highly trained leading experts.

In 2017, there was an approximate $172 billion lost to commercial theft and vandalism throughout the globe. These numbers are projected to grow even further due to a reduced focus on commercial security. However, we as Canadian best security company can defeat this epidemic by warranting our commercial assets and objects are treated to appropriate security measures as per their need. G4U security is on the mission to ensure that every commercial real estate/ asset owner has the peace of mind that his property is safe and secure hands.

Commercial Security Guard Service

G4U Security proudly serves to commercial property with its best security services and tailor all standards operating procedures (SOPs) to each client’s site and specific requirements.

Beside security services, our officers provides customer services/reception services to our commercial property clients. Our security officers do not merely represent G4U Security rather they are the public face of our customers, liaising with the public, tenants and contractors. We lay more emphasis on professional and courteous security services, our officers are knowledgeable and well updated about the facility where they perform their duties.

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