Concierge Security Services

Concierge Security Service

Concierge Security Service



We provide a wide range of Concierge Security Services across Alberta. We are non to second in our excellent concierge security services, we tailor our services as per your unique building’s security needs. Safety and security of your staffs and customers is our top priority. Our well-trained concierge security guards are responsible and their performance is always appreciated by the clients we have served in Alberta. Our Concierge Security Guards are having necessary skills and training designed to serve the building security. We are committed to providing positive results and best image to your customers, staff, shareholders and Public. G4U Security is guided by Commitment, Protection & Peace of Mind, which is our ultimate goal and our slogan.

What Concierge Security Guard do when you hire us

  • First Impression is the Last Impression
  • Video Monitoring
  • Access Control Management
  • Meet & Greet
  • Door Services
  • Guiding Customers
  • Attending phone calls
  • Security & Safety of The Building & Staff
  • Elevator Management
  • Building Emergencies &Evacuation
  • Fire Commands
  • Fire Watch
  • Break, Trespassing, Vandalism, bullying, Verbal Abuse and Water Leakage
  • Key Holding
  • Customer Dealing
  • Parking Lot Management
  • Inspecting the Facility that everything works perfect

Eye on Suspicious Activity or Suspicious Person

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