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Losses due to Inadequate construction site security or Adequate construction site security & Complete peace of Mind

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Affordable construction site security guards available at your call, fully insured and highly professional site guards, Alberta licensed, reliable and trustworthy protecting your business assets-property. Our on-site construction security guards are highly talented and fully trained security guards.



G4U Security Canadian largest construction site security solution providers. We are largest specialized and having extensive construction site security experience for last many years.


G4U Security believes that construction site security is indispensable part of construction pyramid. It has been a misconception that security guard services during construction process is least important. The giant builders and well-known constructors’ companies know the significance of construction guard services, the reason because they have very heavy machinery, expensive tools, pricey materials and innumerable equipment on site. since the burglary, break in, trespassing, theft and vandalism is very common and most often unattended sites are under focused. Therefore, being far sighted and responsible builders dare not to take risk to leave the constriction sites unattended after hours or on weekends. In this case, G4U Security is committed to providing protection and peace of mind when they leave the site.




Our highly trained and professional construction site guards are ready to tackle any kind of unexpected serious situation on site. We have proven track record in the field of construction site security services. Our timely manner response and action has saved many clients’ millions of dollars loss. It has been observed that many constructions labor force leaves the site insecure and fence wall opened. Our professional guard is very alert and vigilant always ensure that site is safe and secured, all fence walls are properly fixed, all entrances are secured, no any fire hazards, our security guard patrols the designated site and its surroundings.

In addition, we have many techniques and strategies to protect construction sites, and sometime we have been provided all the protocols to be followed on site by the client. In most of the cases, G4U Security always brings the best security plan after inspecting the construction site location. We have very comprehensive reporting formats, and real time reporting patterns as well. G4U Security believes in modern technology use in order to provide maximum satisfaction and full protection to the assigned property


  • When all labor force leaves the site unattended behind, its security guard who secures the premises while patrolling the designated site property, guard patrols interior and exterior and ensures that all safe and secure.
  • Through monitoring surveillance equipment, we keep an eye on every activity on site
  • Security guard inspects building, controls all access points, checks windows, doors, and make sure that all gates or fence walls are properly locked.
  • In case of any fire hazards security guard is the first person who reports immediately to fire ambulance services and police.
  • Security guard has to be very alert and vigilant all the time, and keep an eye on heating systems, cooling system of the building, must report immediately in case of any gas or water leakage in the building.
  • Security guard controls on entrances and exits on site and record every entry and exit.
  • Security guard has top prevent losses and damage by reporting any irregularities
  • Security guard has to maintain the activity log reports on site.


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No matter, you have one or multiple construction site in different locations in Alberta, we meet all your site security needs, our committed coordinators and professional team members will help out you 24/7.

Some business owners take site security very light and never pay attention to security of the sites hence, less security on construction sites or no security at all, it might cause millions of dollars damage or loss. Theft on construction sites is the constant headache to business owners/site Managers/supervisors, from smaller/lighter to heavy and expensive equipment losses are frequent incidents and stolen goods never ever recovered. Like Copper theft, tools or tools bags, and other important equipment are common temptation on construction sites to vandals.


Your peace of mind is in your call, let us know we will handle everything on behalf of you. We bring our experience, skills, strategies and provide you easy and prompt solutions of your problems. Our free advice/Suggestions will not cost you but protection and security of your staffs, workforce and property is our responsibility. Our competitive rates are very cost effective, save your time and thousands of dollars. Our site supervisors are always on their way and coordinators handle situations in a professional way.

We have a wide range of experience from small to big construction projects. G4U Security provides security solution and meets your project security needs and also manage within your designated budget.

G4U Security makes your goal to achieve much easier and painless with highly experienced construction site security guards, fully trained and insured.

When you are working day & night to meet the time deadline and your construction company’s reputation is at risk, our well-trained security guards are 24/7 present and alert on construction sites to mitigate the risk factors. G4U Security takes effective measures to reduce the unexpected incidents like theft, vandalism, trespassing, breaks, and misuse of the private property. Our certified construction security guard plays important role pre-construction, project under construction and till the project completes.

Duties of Construction Security Guard

There are innumerable duties of the construction security guard on site. However, the most important are the followings

  • Property Access Control Management
  • Site Log Report
  • Security Monitoring
  • Entry And exit control with documenting everything
  • Providing direction/Navigation to new loads & unloads
  • Site foot walk patrol
  • Interior and Exterior patrol
  • Emergency Response Calls
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Perimeter integrity/Security Assurance
  • Assurance of Safe & Secure sites & Workforce
  • Fire Safety Equipment Inspection
  • Fire Watch
  • Site Security & Safety Checklist
  • Perimeter Safety
  • Safety Compliance

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