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Security Service Provider Winnipeg, G 4 U Security provides affordable Security Guards For Businesses, Private Events & Construction Sides, Bodyguard Services, Mobile Patrol & Personal Protection in Winnipeg. Contact Us Now!

Security Guard Services in Winnipeg



Most reputable security services in Winnipeg.

Our security guards are fully licensed and efficient. Dedicated and committed team work and cooperative administration ready for prompt reply and respond you immediately and bring solution of all the security problems either for long- or short-term Assignments in Winnipeg.

Immediate and prompt response for security services in Winnipeg are always highly appreciated by the clients and G4U Security never delayed and successfully provided last minute call security services across Winnipeg, Alberta.

G4U Security is prominent and well recognized security services provider in Winnipeg, when it comes to serve you at last minute call for fire watch security guards. Our clients and their reviews witnessed our last-minute security service in Winnipeg.

Oilfield Security Guard Services in Winnipeg Canada

Call us right away for Camp Security guard, Oilfield security guard, fire watch and refineries industry security guard services 


We are committed to provide highly qualified and certified security guards in Winnipeg Canada, in timely manner. we provide tailored solution as per your specific needs and always chalk out a cost-effective plan for your security needs.

G4U Security Ltd is the trusted Oilfield security guard services provider in Winnipeg, Canada and takes pride in delivering highest level of specialized oilfield guard services. G4U covers wide range of security guard services and come up with the best possible solution across the security spectrum to support strategic goals. Our security officers have gone under rigorous training process to have all the required Standard oilfield tickets and basics like First Aid, CPR, and Construction Safety Training System (CSTS).

Security guard services are indispensable part when it comes to operate a business in oilfield and Gas, oil rigs, refineries, manufacturing or production sites, pipelines, constructions site, chemical industries including all energy sectors.

Highly professional security officers with military background and disciplined throughout the life, having an eagle on every suspicious activity and movement within the designated premises and its surrounding of the site. They know how to protect the designated property and the working people on the site. We provide tailored security solution based on the client’s needs and demand.



Construction Site Security Guard Services in Winnipeg Canada

Losses due to Inadequate construction site security let us have an adequate construction site security & Complete peace of Mind

Call immediate today for free quote Winnipeg’s best security guard services

G4U Security provides an affordable construction site security guards available at your call, fully insured and highly professional site guards, fully licensed, reliable and trustworthy protecting your business assets and property. Our on-site construction security guards are highly talented and fully trained security guards.

Call Today, Hire Construction Security Guards in Winnipeg Canada

No matter, you have one or multiple construction site in different locations in Winnipeg or its surroundings. We meet all your site security needs; our committed coordinators and professional team members will help out you 24/7.

Some business owners take site security very light and never pay attention to security of the sites hence, less security on construction sites or no security at all, it might cause millions of dollars damage or loss. Theft and vandalism on construction sites are constant headache to business owners/site Managers/supervisors, from smaller/lighter to heavy and expensive equipment losses are frequent incidents and stolen goods never ever recovered. Like Copper theft, tools or tools bags, and other important equipment are common temptation on construction sites to vandals.


Why do you need to hire a fire watch Security Guard?

You might be facing a sudden and unexpected situation like there is fire, an equipment failure, legally required fire safety system such as alarms, sprinklers and pumps. We always reach out first and provide you a peace of mind while sending a fire watch security guard in Winnipeg. Our fire watch security officers are always ready to serve from smallest to biggest projects either hospitals, schools, shopping malls, centers, hotels, constructions site, building and neighborhoods.

G4U Fire Watch Security guards are highly experienced, professional and well trained and will handle all the details, and look after all the everything you name it, all sites, and matters anywhere in Winnipeg, Alberta you need them.





Mobile Patrol in Winnipeg


G4U Security provides random patrol services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

G4U Security officer will perform investigation and physical inspection of your property or business in order to ensure that your property is safe and secured.

G4U Security provides prompt response to our clients and entertain them as per their requirements, we are actively involved in preventing vandalism, trespassing and criminal activities.


G4U Security has wide range of security guard services in Canada, at the moment prompt response in Winnipeg.

Our Complete Services Includes:

Mobile Patrol Winnipeg
Construction Site Security Winnipeg
Firewatch Security Winnipeg
Event Security Winnipeg
Residential Security Winnipeg
Building Security Winnipeg
Concierge Security Winnipeg
Aviation Security Winnipeg
Static Security Guard Winnipeg
Loss Prevention Security Officer Winnipeg
Commercial Security Winnipeg
Education Security Winnipeg
Energy & Resources Security Winnipeg
Alarm Response Security Winnipeg
Financial Security Winnipeg
Health Industry Security Winnipeg
Manufacturing Security Winnipeg
Logistics Security Winnipeg


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