Construction Site Security Basic Understanding & Tips

  • Establish Security written Plan
  • Develop the responsibilities/post orders for the security guard
  • Assign the specific responsibilities to the Site Supervisor to monitor all the activities as well.
  • Provide all the necessary & emergency contacts numbers like Police-Ambulance & Fire Department to the security guard and also post on the site as well
  • Create security awareness among all the workers and adjoining properties- encourage them to report any suspicious activities or suspicious persons on the site.
  • Report prompt any incident of Vandalism and Theft and document it if possible.
  • Report all losses to the police immediately.
  • Document all the incidents on the site.
  • If possible, enclose the security site with fence walls.
  • Make your site bright with light if possible in nighttime
  • Post warning signs to keep unauthorized person off the site
  • Provide limited access to the site when the work is off, only allow with the permission of the site supervisor or authority allows
  • Use High quality locks, never leave the keys in the lock.
  • Inspect everyday all the site at the end of the work is done before to lock it.
  • Utilize the best possible and secured area on the site for the tools and equipment storage.
  • Maintain an inventory control system for all equipment, tools, and materials. Include photographs of equipment and expensive tools.
  • Establish a program for verifying all deliveries.
  • Mark all tools and equipment in a conspicuous, distinctive manner to allow for easy identification.
  • Implement a check-out system for all tools and equipment. Post a sign stating, “ATTENTION! ALL TOOLS MUST BE SIGNED OUT.”
  • Keep tools securely locked in storage trailers or sheds.
  • Stamp all heavy equipment and attachments with an ID number. Provide warning signs on equipment indicating that ID Numbers are recorded.
  • Establish a supervisory key-control program for motorized equipment.
  • Lock all equipment cabs during non-working hours.
  • Immobilize equipment by disabling it or using anti-theft/anti-vandalism devices.
  • Lock oil and gas tank caps where possible as a means of deterring vandalism.
  • Remove equipment and materials from the site when no longer needed—do not use the site for storage.
  • Keep Away Store equipment, materials, and tools from perimeter fencing because these creates temptation to Homeless persons, thieves and criminal minded.
  • These are our suggestions if you follow and have any problem we are not responsible for this.

When you are working day & night to meet the time deadline and your construction company’s reputation is at risk, our well-trained construction site security guards are 24/7 present and alert on construction sites to mitigate the risk factors. G4U Security takes effective measures to reduce the unexpected incidents like theft, vandalism, trespassing, breaks, and misuse of the private property. Our certified construction security guard plays important role pre-construction, project under construction and till the project completes.

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