Fire Watch Security Guards at Construction Site.

Best fire watch Guard Services in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Fort MacMurray & Toronto.

Fire Watch Security Guards at Construction Site.

Best fire watch Guard Services in Edmonton, Calgary, Fort MacMurray & Toronto.

Fire watch security guards are usually trusted to secure the exposed property along with the people and equipment within from the threat of fire. Normally, these fire watch security guards are assigned in certain areas where a fire alarm system is not working. These guards will give the extra protection to make sure the safety of all the valuable assets, groundwork, and also the people from the unpredictable fire.

What Is A Fire Watch Security Guard?

Fire watch security guards are not the same as firemen; they are not handling the fire incidents. Their main responsibility is to predict the fire incident and prevent it before it will really appear at the location. In simple words, these security guards do the prevention needed to avoid the fire incident to occur.

A construction site is a site that could be considered as quite hazardous since there are many heavy works are conducting there without any supporting security system. Thus, there is a high risk of dangerous such as fire could appear in this site and harm both the people and the assets as well.

For this reason, fire watch security guards definitely needed at a construction site, especially when the construction works are containing wood surrounding. In fact, there are lots of local governments oblige fire watch security guards to stay on the construction site until the works are completed and a document of residence is already given.

So, if you are a contractor or maybe working in a construction company, you definitely need one of the best security companies in Edmonton which offers highly professional fire watch security guards to secure the construction site that you are working in. The reason is obvious to protect both your assets and the people that working at the construction site.

You can check out below for the services provided by the fire watch security guards.

  • Patrol These security guards will do the regular intervals patrol of the construction site with 24/7 shifting schedules to make sure that there is no threat of fire occur at the location.
  • Checking the possibility of fire threats These security guards will pay attention if there is any possibility of fire threats at the construction site before the incident appears.
  • Checking all the equipment These security guards will do proper checking on all the equipment such as alarms and fire suppression that might already installed at the construction site.
  • Contact the fire department for help In case if there is a fire incident, the fire watch security guard will immediately contact the nearest fire department from the construction site to get the help. They will also give all the information related to the fire incident as well.
  • Make the file The fire watch security guards will record all the patrols that they have conducted along with the relevant information to fire threat. They will record them in a file that every so often required by the insurance companies and the authorities as well.
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